WP4 – Data Mapping and Data Management

This work package focuses on mapping longitudinal studies and registry data addressing educational inequalities and compensatory measures in Northern and Central Europe, and creating a public metadata database ensuring that ethical and privacy concerns are addressed. Specifically, this WP has the following tasks: 

  • Creating a data management plan
  • Creating a data mapping plan
  • Mapping longitudinal studies and their registry data
  • Selecting the data to be included in the public metadata database
  • Technical implementation of the metadata database
  • Publishing the metadata database
  • Coordination of data use permissions
  • Coordinating the local and international data management and sharing

The tasks are led by

Prof. Mari-Pauliina Vainikainen (TAU) and

Dr. Meri Lintuvuori (UH/TAU)

in collaboration with the partners.

Prof. Mari-Pauliina Vainikainen

Tampere University


Dr. Meri Lintuvuori

University of Helsinki/Tampere University


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